We all know that moving house can be stressful, with the experience only worsening the more belongings you have.  It might seem great to be the owner of millions of possessions, but when it comes to moving you could be in for a shock. The more you have to move, the more difficult moving house can be – and that is why packing and labelling moving boxes efficiently is so important.

To avoid losing items along the way and to ensure that everything is able to be moved in the most appropriate ways, it is vital that you label your moving boxes correctly, not only stating which rooms boxes belong to, but also much more. If you have a house move coming up and want to ensure that you are able to move quickly and securely, it is imperative that you read this article.


Before it comes to packing and labelling you need to purchase all of the necessary supplies. You don’t want to be writing on your moving boxes in pencil for example as this will make it hard for you and your chosen removals company to see – meaning that the chance of mistakes will be heightened.

Make sure that you buy not only your moving boxes but also labelling materials from reputable companies such as ourselves. Some of the items that you may consider purchasing to label your boxes include a black marker pen and fragile tape roll.


  • Label by room – It is important that you pack up your home room-by-room so that items which are meant to go together can be kept together. When packing your home up room-by-room you should ensure that you label your moving boxes so that it is easy to determine which room the boxes belong too. All of our moving boxes are grid printed to make labelling extra easy.
  • Priority code labels – It can be a good idea for you to label your boxes stating which boxes needs to be loaded into the van first and last, and which you are going to need first upon arrival at your new home. This will allow your removals team to load up the van in the best ways. It is also important for you to create an essentials box containing the things you are going to need straight away such as bathroom supplies and brew making equipment – This should be labelled as essential and be the last box loaded into the van and the first box to be unloaded.
  • Labelling by item – If unpacking isn’t going to be imminent for you, it could be a great idea for you to create lists alongside your boxes. You can write lists of what is in each individual box so that when it comes to finding an item you can do so with ease and without having to rummage through many boxes.
  • Label fragile items – Any boxes in which you place fragile or breakable items should be marked as fragile using either fragile tape or stickers. This will allow handlers to understand that extra care needs to be taken when handling these boxes, minimising the chances of these things breaking.

These are only some of our great tips too! If you want further advice and guidance, do not hesitate to contact the Boxes2Move team who are always happy to help.