Spring – a time for change and new beginnings. A time to wake up from hibernation and spring into action. A time to start fresh and move on with life. Many people love spring, and often seek to improve themselves at this time of year. With this in mind, it is not really surprising that many people choose to move house in spring, and today we are going to look at some of the reasons why people opt to move in spring, alongside some useful advice and guidance.


What makes moving house in spring so great?


There are so many reasons why choosing to move house in spring can be beneficial/ Take the mild temperatures, longer daylight hours and the renewed zest for life for example. OK, some people may argue that summer and autumn provider greater conditions for moving; however spring moves certainly should not be ignored. In fact many people when weighing out the pros and cons quickly realise that the benefits of moving in spring far outweigh the reasons for moving during other seasons.


Let’s look as some of the benefits in more detail:


Mild weather – The weather in spring is absolutely perfect for moving! It is typically nice and dry with the various hazards of moving during winter such as snowfall, storms and icy roads no longer being an issue and the hot temperatures of summer not yet a factor.


Lower moving costs – A lot of removal companies increase their prices during the summer period, so moving in spring can enable people to get the most out of their money. A lot of companies even offer discounts on their prices during spring so that they can beat their competition.


Greater choice of dates available – As spring is not the busiest time for moving, when looking to move house in spring people have more choice of dates, allowing them to move on the days which are most convenient to them and their schedules.


Better chance to sell homes for a profit – Spring is considered the best time for selling a home, with many people looking to buy homes quickly so that they can be in them before summer arrives. So by moving in spring you could not only save money on the relocation process but you could also get more money for your property.


As you can see moving house in spring can be a great idea, so if you have been putting off your house move, why not take the plunge? Here at Boxes2Move we stock all of the moving supplies that you could possibly need, and are also available to call should you require any additional information. Don’t hesitate to get in touch – After all the main reason why we are here is to make moving easier for all!