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Welcome to our great range of cardboard boxes, including our famous large packing boxes, the perfect help for when you have to store your important possessions away or protect them from bumps and bangs during a move. We have years of experience listening to our customers about which sizes and types of boxes are most useful to them, and we've tailored our range to those demands, so you know you'll find the perfect dimensions for your requirements here at Boxes2move.

We are fully stocked with items from the smaller boxes for items like kitchen-top appliances, laptops and other electricals, all the way up to our super handy large wardrobe boxes that feature their own hanging rail.

Take advantage of our bulk prices too for a great discount on the price of your removal boxes. 

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Small strong cheap storage boxes ideal for storing those books, cups and saucers etc and at a price that won't sink the ship.

Internal Dimensions:
14.7" x 10.7" x 13.9"
(375 x 273 x 355mm)

£1.75 inc. VAT
£1.46 exc. VAT
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Buy 10x Smalls

£13.33 exc. VAT   £16.00 inc. VAT

Buy 20x Smalls

£24.99 exc. VAT   £29.99 inc. VAT

The good all round general purpose strong moving box. Ideal for most things around the home and Vinyl Records. This Box for Moving is Fantastic value for money !!!!

Internal Dimensions:
19" x 12.6" x 12.6"
(485 x 320 x 320mm)

£1.80 inc. VAT
£1.50 exc. VAT
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Buy 15x Generals

£19.99 exc. VAT   £23.99 inc. VAT

Buy 25x Generals

£29.15 exc. VAT   £34.98 inc. VAT

Large very strong double wall cardboard moving boxes. These are the Kings of cardboard moving boxes. Ideal for boxing your computers and suchlike. Cardboard moving boxes with attitude.

Internal Dimensions:
19" x 19" x 19"
(485mm x 485mm x 485mm)

£3.65 inc. VAT
£3.04 exc. VAT
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Buy 10x Kings

£27.38 exc. VAT   £32.86 inc. VAT

Buy 20x Kings

£49.80 exc. VAT   £59.76 inc. VAT

WOW!! How do we do it!! Now only £11.98. What a saving, What a box. No need to crease your clothes up whilst moving The excellent design allows you to easily transfer your clothing from the wardrobe to the box. The box is a wardrobe complete with hanging rail built with transportation in mind.

Internal Dimensions:
20" x 18" x 48"
(508 x 457 x 1220mm)

£11.99 inc. VAT
£9.99 exc. VAT
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Buy 3x Wardobe Box with Hanging Rail

£19.99 exc. VAT   £23.99 inc. VAT

Buy 6x Wardobe Box with Hanging Rail

£39.00 exc. VAT   £46.80 inc. VAT

What a useful box. This box was designed for the satelite receiver/dvd player. No more risking those precious viewing items falling off the back seat and breaking during transit. This box is also brilliant for storing cups.

Internal Dimensions:
18.5" x 13.5" x 5.9"
(468 x 343 x 152mm)

£1.66 inc. VAT
£1.38 exc. VAT
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Buy 5x DVD/SAT/VID Player Box

£6.65 exc. VAT   £7.98 inc. VAT

Stores upto 25 DVD's / 55 CD's or combination of both. Can store computer games as well if you so wish. This is such a handy little box. You can use it for those nick/nacks you have lying around or use it as a reference card holder for all your contacts.

Internal Dimensions:
14.9" x 7.4" x 5.5"
(380 x 190 x 140mm)
£1.98 inc. VAT
£1.65 exc. VAT
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Buy 6x CD/DVD Box

£9.16 exc. VAT   £10.99 inc. VAT

Buy 12x CD/DVD Box

£17.48 exc. VAT   £20.98 inc. VAT

The Archive box is music to the home office users ears. Store away those important documents safely. Easy to organise. Students & Office staff love them.

Internal Dimensions:
12.9" x 18.1" x 9.8"
(330 x 460 x 250mm)
£2.52 inc. VAT
£2.10 exc. VAT
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Buy 10x Archive Box

£18.90 exc. VAT   £22.68 inc. VAT

These boxes will hold 6 wine bottles each with ease. Each come with their own 6 cell divider fitment to protect the bottles and keep them separate.

Internal Dimensions:
9.4" x 6.3" x 12"
(240 x 160 x 305mm)

£2.28 inc. VAT
£1.90 exc. VAT
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Buy 6x Wine Bottle Box

£8.64 exc. VAT   £10.37 inc. VAT

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