Housing Market Ladder

Housing Market – Getting On That Ladder As everyone is fully aware, the housing market has seen turbulent past times and high soaring price increases. No one truly knows where it is going to end. The North South divide is widening with prices rocketing faster in the South than that of the North.  London prices […]

A Northern View by Boxes2move

As you all know Boxes2move.co.uk is rooted in the Pennine Valleys, located in the North West of England. The mill from within boxes2move stands was once a vibrant cotton mill and was such located due to the many soft fresh water streams & rivers that benefitted the production of cotton. In fact, the Valleys have a […]

The Beatles, Man United and Ant and Dec: Which Northern city is the most liveable?

It’s common knowledge that here at Boxes2Move we have a special place in our hearts for the North, but if you had a choice, which Northern city you would prefer to live in? That’s the question we posed to people all over the UK. In our opinion, there are positive points about all of the […]

A Southerner’s guide to moving up North

Attention Southerners! We’re here to tell you that life does exist to the north of Watford. The time has come for you to get more from life, by moving up North! While we understand that not all Southerners will be squashed into a tiny box room, and paying eye-watering sums for the privilege, it must […]

A Guide to Moving House: Who Do I Inform?

The key to a stress-free house moving experience is planning. You know what they say; failing to prepare is preparing to fail! This is especially true when you are trying to relocate. While the obvious things are easy to prepare for, it’s sometimes the little things that can really catch us out. Packaging your flat-screen […]

10 things that first-time buyers should know before they move house

Regardless of who wins the General Election, the result is likely to have a significant impact on the housing industry, especially first-time buyers. The UK’s population is increasing, so whichever party or parties come to power next week need to ensure the country is building enough new homes. In March 2015, the Home Builders Federation […]

5 hidden price pitfalls when moving home

There’s no doubt that moving house can be a pricey exercise. Whether you’re facing upfront costs for a rental agreement or shelling out a full deposit for your dream home, the unfortunate truth is that hidden costs are always lurking. We don’t have a crystal ball, but we certainly have a lot of experience helping […]

How to Move House With Kids

Moving house can be a tricky feat to accomplish on its own, but moving house with a young child, or maybe even two or three, can make the whole endeavour infinitely more difficult. OK, so you’ve already broken the news to them, highlighting all the positives that come with moving, like new friends, decorating their […]

How to move home when you have pets

If you thinking moving home is stressful, put yourself in your pets’ shoes for a moment. Imagine being uprooted without warning, being in new surroundings you don’t understand and seeing your owners come and go without knowing if or when they’ll return. Whilst that all sounds dramatic, moving home can be particularly stressful for animals […]

Fave, throw, favour: The perfect way to de-clutter your wardrobe

There’s a sudden horrifying realisation that hits many of us when we’re preparing to move home: we’re all hoarders. As you look around your room wondering how you amassed such a vast amount of unused and unloved items, the gravity of the task at hand unravels. You’re either going to have to get rid of […]

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